Great Purple Hairstreak

Swallowtail butterfly?
October 19, 2009
I’ve had a difficult time identifying this butterfly. It has markings similar to a Pipvine Swallowtail, but not close enough for a positive ID. Observed 10-18-2009 in Central Texas. Can you help?
Ed Sparks
McKinney Falls St. Park, Austin TX

Great Purple Hairstreak
Great Purple Hairstreak

Hi Ed,
Your lovely little butterfly is much too small to be a swallowtail.  It is a Great Purple Hairstreak.  Your photo is exquisite.

Hi Daniel,
Thank you for the kind words.  What a magnificent butterfly!  It never opened its wings on the flower, so I never saw the beautiful colors on its back.
Thank you for the identification!
Ed Sparks
Austin, TX

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  1. Hello, Ed,

    Your photo of the Great Purple Hairstreak is so good I would love to paint it.

    May I have your permission to paint it? If so, I would be glad to credit you as the photographer.


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