Great Pied Hoverfly from the UK

Subject: A Half Transparent Fly?
Location: East Rounton, North Yorkshire, UK
July 17, 2017 11:18 am
Hello, Do you know what type of fly this is? I can’t find it on Google nor on your website.
It’s abdomen was half transparent and half black.
Signature: AG

Great Pied Hoverfly

Dear AG,
Based on images posted to Insects of Scotland, we are confident that this is a Great Pied Hoverfly,
Volucella pellucens.  The Insects of Scotland states:  “A very large shiny bumble bee-like  hoverfly with an unusual half black half white abdomen and black legs. The white stripe across its abdomen can be all white with just a hint of black in the middle … or the white can be dissected with a black line …. The wings are mainly clear, but each one has a dark patch on it. It lays its eggs inside the nests of wasps and bees where the larvae scavenge. “  It is also pictured on Nature Spot.

Thanks for writing back Daniel. I’m very impressed with your findings and appreciate the help you gave to me.
I learned something new today!
Thanks again

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