Great Orange Tip Butterfly: Photographed at the Krohn Conservatory

pic for your website
March 1, 2010
just thought i would send a pic that i took of a cool hebomoia glaucippe aturia or orange tip butterfly for you to post on your site. been usin the site since i was 5 and im 16 now and it hasn’t let me down yet.
josh “scorpion” smith
cincinnati ohio

Great Orange Tip

Hi again Josh,
We are still gushing about your initial comment, and it is positively making our night.  We have maintained from the very beginning that everybody wants to know “What’s That Bug?” when they encounter a strange creature, and we have always tried to maintain a very family oriented website that parents and teachers would allow children to browse.  We are also very thrilled to post your great photo because Orange Tips are not commonly submitted to our site.  The Angelfire website indicates that this species is Asian.  Did you take this photo in the vicinity of Malaysia, or was it photographed at a butterfly pavilion?

i took that pic at the krohn conservatory butterfly show that they show every year. i will send some more great pics if i go this year.

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