Great Golden Digger Wasp

Is this a Great Golden Digger?
Hello Bugman,
We’ve just discovered several of these burrowing around the driveway in Long Island, New York in the sandy ground. Is this a Great Golden Digger? I’m afraid we are not very “Pro Bug” with stinging insects and would like to get rid of them rather than risk seeing what kind of reaction a sting would have on our kids who have a range of allergies already. Can you tell me: 1) Are they aggressive? 2) Will any non-chemical methods work to get rid of them? (like sugar water in a wasp trap?) 3) Is each hole we are seeing home to an individual wasp or do they dig several holes each? There atleast 30 holes in the immediate area…. Thank You,
Ps-Although a lot of the pics make the kids scream, your site is very educational without being boring-well done!

Hi Christy,
You are correct. This is a Great Golden Digger Wasp and it is not aggressive. We do not have any advice regarding eliminating them. Each tunnel belongs to a single wasp, though one wasp may dig multiple tunnels.

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