Great Eggfly from India

Subject:  Large butterfly
Geographic location of the bug:  Southern India
Date: 11/11/2017
Time: 08:36 AM EDT
Hi:) I saw this in our garden by the beach ( south india) . we have never seen this in all the years we have been visiting the beach! Am hoping you can help us spot which one this is..thank u Mr.Bugman:)
How you want your letter signed:  Atreyu Samuel

Great Eggfly

Dear Atreyu,
We wish you had sent a higher resolution image.  We feel confident that this is a male Giant Eggfly,
Hypolimnas bolina, based on images posted to Butterflies of India.  According to Learn About Butterflies:  “The popular name ‘Eggfly’ refers to the extraordinary parental behaviour of several members of the genus including antilope, anomala and bolina, which have a unique way of safeguarding their offspring. Prior to laying any eggs they they inspect various leaves to ensure that there are no ants present. The eggs of antilope and anomala are laid in large batches on the upper surface of a leaf, while those of bolina are usually laid in very small batches on the under surface. After ovipositing the females then stand guard over their eggs, forming a protective umbrella to shield them from parasitoid wasps. They remain in this position until all the eggs have hatched and the caterpillars have dispersed, by which time the protective female has usually died in situ.”

Thank you Daniel so much for taking the time to reply to me. I really do appreciate it. I looked up the links you sent too. I shared it with my grandfather too, who is a bug enthusiast too.
I know ,I wish I could have taken more pictures…but it flew away:(
Thanks again and have a great week ahead!

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