Subject: Large Black Mud Dauber???
Location: Athens, Ontario, Canada
August 2, 2012 7:07 am
My family and myself noticed these insects this summer flying around and crawling between the interlocking stone and the pool this summer. They keep flying around us whenever we swim and I’m worried somebody is going to get stung. I’ve also noticed them carrying locust into their nest which I figure is in our pool area. Is there any way I can remove these from this area?
Signature: Marla

Great Black Wasp Carnage

Hi Marla,
This is a Great Black Wasp,
Sphex pensylvanicus, and it is not an aggressive species.  You mentioned seeing the female with a locust.  BugGuide notes that they prey upon Katydids which earns the species an additional common name Katydid Hunter.  Since they are not aggressive, we would urge you to just let them cohabitate with you in your yard and to refrain from killing any more individuals of this magnificent wasp.

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Location: Canada

9 Responses to Great Black Wasp: Unnecessary Carnage

  1. Mike baker says:

    I just looked up giant black wasp cuz my wife was chased around our driveway by one the other day in Barrie Ontario. It was huge!!!! There is no nest that I have seen and was an isolated incident. Very aggressive! Looked 4 inches long! It flew away into our front patio stone going in and out of rocks for about 20 seconds and then flew away. My wife ran in circles as it kept running into her legs over and over. Could this still be the same thing as what you described as non aggressive?

  2. Tim says:

    Found my dog playing with one of these in the window today. I chased it out of the house with broom. Through that long and comical ordeal, it didn’t try to sting me. Had to look it up and find out what it was. Man it was huge! No one (including the wasp) was harmed in this ordeal loL.

  3. Michelle says:

    My daughter was stung by one of these today while we were at the pool. There is a city park in the same vacinity of the pool. No one was screaming or swatting at the thing, it just lit on her, stayed about 40 seconds and left her with a very painful sting.
    Non threatening my aunt fanny!
    Thank goodness I wasn’t stung since I am highly allergic to insect stings.
    I was able to make sure she got home and stayed with her for a while to make sure she was going to be ok.

  4. ChrisP says:

    what happens when you get stung by one of these?

  5. Doug Lominac says:

    Saw one yesterday in west Texas. Definitely it was the Great Black Wasp. Beautiful creature.

  6. Gary says:

    I live in bay city Michigan and I was stung by one of these monster’s four days ago and I wouldn’t ever want anyone to go through what I have in the past four days .it landed on the inside of my left elbow and I tried to stay as still as possible but it stung me and the paid was so bad I collapsed and although the worst of the pain stopped in about ten minutes but I still hurts now and my skin felt like it was on fire for days today is the first day since it happened that I’ve been able to do anything but sit on my phone and learn everything I could about it and all I’ve read has has said that they are not aggressive which my be true .but I tell you this do not allow yourself to be stung by this beast of a wasp its not like any other wasp still I have an 8th inch hole in my arm and the pain and sickness that monster caused me was unimaginable and I would never wish it on another human being

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