Gray Bird Grasshoppers on Cannabis

Subject:  Gray Bird Grasshoppers on Cannabis
Geographic location of the bug:  Mount Washington, Los Angeles, California
Date: 09/25/2021
Time: 01:36 PM PDT
Your letter to the bugman:  Dear Bugman,
This past weekend I observed this male Gray Bird Grasshopper just sitting on a AI Cannabis plant and I marvelled at how my gardening style towards Grasshoppers has changed recently.  As I watched this guy just relaxing on the plant, sprawled across one of the smaller leaves and I realized that I have never witnessed Grasshoppers eating my buds.  I find leaf damage but never damage to the buds other than that caused by dreaded Budworms.  The decision I made after realizing this is that, especially later in the season, there is no longer a need to relocate the Grasshoppers.  Earlier in the summer I relocated 6-8 immature Gray Bird Grasshoppers I found on my plants to a native willow trees about 30 feet away.  Relocating nymphs might still be a good idea because when the plants are younger, the leaves are needed to supply strength to the woody plant as it is growing.  Once the leaves begin to yellow they no longer positively contribute to the health of the plant, so it is the prefect time to allow the Grasshoppers to munch on the leaves.
How you want your letter signed:  Constant Gardener

Male Gray Bird Grasshopper on Cannabis

Dear Constant Gardener,
Thanks for your wonderful posting and images.  We loved hearing about your growth in the area of gardening.

Gray Bird Grasshopper nymph on AI
Gray Bird Grasshopper nymph relocated to Willow

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