Grasshoppers from Patagonia

Subject:  Flightless Grasshoppers
Geographic location of the bug:  Argentine Patagonia
Date: 09/11/2017
Time: 02:31 PM EDT
On the high windy mountains and mountain slopes of Argentine Patagonia we often find these large chunky flightless grasshoppers. They often occur in cold areas. Any idea what genus/species they might be?
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Hi Martin,
Just as in your previous submission, we have located a matching image, this time on Alamy, but again, there is no family, genus or species identification.  These Grasshoppers remind us of North American Toad Lubbers in the genus
Phrynotettix pictured on BugGuide and they might be closely related.  Alas, there is not a good database of Argentine Grasshoppers that we are able to locate online.


Hi Daniel,
Many thanks.
Looking on the web, could these be Elasmoderus sp.?

Hi Martin,
We wish you had provided a link regarding the genus.  We found an image on Atacama Insects, and though similar looking, we don’t think they look like the same species.  Because of the remoteness of the location, there might not be much documentation on the internet.

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