Say’s Grasshopper

Subject: texas grasshopper id
Location: cedar ridge preserve, Dallas, TX
August 24, 2014 10:51 am
Hi I have posted this grasshopper seen at the Cedar Ridge Preserve in Dallas TX. Can you help to id? evidently there are not very many people on iNat thart are Grasshopper experts
Thank you in advance for your felp
Signature: Deborah Nelson

Say’s Grasshopper

Hi Deborah,
We responded to comments first today and we noticed you submitted a comment on a different posting and we requested that you send images using our standard form, and at that time we did not realize you had already done it.  We believe this is Say’s Grasshopper subspecies,
Spharagemon equale equale, based on this image on BugGuide

Thank you for your help.  I did not see the standard submission form until I after I had already sent the first email request.
Myself and one other person in Tarrant county were guessing it was a Mottled Sand Grasshopper (Spharagemon collare) … She had seen one in another park recently.   Neither of us are bug experts and admit we know almost nothing about grasshoppers except being able to distinguish it as a grasshopper.   I am amazed at how many there are!
Thank you for the ID of:   Say’s Grasshopper subspecies, Spharagemon equale equale
I appreciate all you do.

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