Grass Spider

Subject: How many species of wolf spiders
Location:  Cleveland, Ohio
September 19, 2015 4:41 pm
I know you can’t tell me exactly, but I just keep wondering if every nasty and huge spider we see is a wolf spider. We recently moved to my grandmothers (west of Cleveland Oh) to help out and her yard is like upper class Manhattan for spiders (or any bug) …. Overgrown everything from weeds to grass. Stick piles, a garage no one goes in, overgrown brush and thicket. My husband started clearing everything up and WOW! Just the amount of spiders was ridiculous but the size and ugliness worse. And now that he is taking away their homes, they’re going anywhere and everywhere else. At night you can go outside the back porch and see at least 6 just hanging there. I have the true definition of arachnophobia and even I know it’ll get worse before better. But just wondering that maybe these are all just ugly wolf spiders?
Signature: Misty

You probably have orb weavers if they are just hanging in webs.

I believe that the hanging ones are but the attached are not.

Grass Spider
Grass Spider

The one with the spinnerets on the end of the abdomen is a Grass Spider, the other a Wolf Spider.

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