Small fly type bug
Location: Colorado Springs CO
July 7, 2011 12:39 pm
A friend gave me a Meyer lemon tree and it is now blooming. The blooms are very fragrant and are attracting these very small yellow and black fly type insects. They look like a type of fly to me but maybe they are a bee? Thanks for any help identifying it.
Signature: Eva Seifert

I think I may have found out what it is, a grass fly.

Grass Fly

Hi Eva,
Congratulations on identifying your Grass Fly in the genus
Thaumatomyia.  Both the genus and family, Chloropidae, the Frit Flies, are new to our site.  We verified your identification on BugGuide which indicates the larvae feed on Aphids.  Perhaps that is why the fly is attracted to your lemon.

Location: Colorado

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