Grass Carrying Wasp Nest

Subject: Green insect
Location: New Jersey
July 4, 2016 5:15 am
I have some type of insect nesting in my house window tracks. Have been seeing them for four years. This is the first time we have seen the actual insect.
Signature: Paula

Grass Carrying Wasp Nest
Grass Carrying Wasp Nest

Dear Paula,
While you are correct that this is a nest, the green insects, which are immature Orthopterans, are not constructing the nest.  This nest was constructed by a Grass Carrying Wasp in the genus
Isodontia, and the female has provisioned the nest with paralyzed Orthopterans, generally Crickets and Katydids, that serve as a fresh food supply for her developing larva which is visible on the far right of your image.  It is a whitish-gray grublike creature.  We frequently receive reports of Grass Carrying Wasps nesting in window tracks.

Thank you! How interesting! I do not know much about the Wasp at all. Is it OK to leave them to keep nesting in the track or will they somehow harm the window/house? I love your website and rely on it frequently for insect identification. Thanks for your quick response.
Paula Truax

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