Graphic Novel with Insect Characters: Salsa Invertebraxa

New Insect-themed Graphic Novel – Salsa Invertebraxa; Introduction from artist/writer Mozchops
July 2, 2011 7:51 am
Hello Daniel,
Thanks for running a great site, there are more insect lovers out there than I imagined 🙂
I just wanted to let you know of an upcoming insect-themed illustrated book that may be of some interest to you and your members.
The name of the book is Salsa Invertebraxa, a graphic novel, and is done very much in the spirit of James Gurney’s book, Dinotopia.
It is a story wholly about insects and their environment, most of which are completely imaginary, (a bit like Avatar) though no less realistic and credible.
(Your members would have fun trying to identify most of the insects, if not the source of their inspiration.)
To give you more idea of the book, there are some hi-res images and a synopsis at the publishers website,
Please let me know if this would be of any interest to you or your forum members.
My very best regards,
Signature: Mozchops

Salsa Invertebraxa

Dear Mozchops,
Congratulations on your book.  We are happy to post your notice as we believe many of our readers may be interested in a graphic novel with an insect theme.

Dear Daniel,
A big thank you for your support and enthusiasm. I’m very happy you like it, and you being an entomologist, it’s like getting a royal seal of approval.
I’ve attached here another spread from the book, (the whole book is in full colour, with approx. 180 paintings over 100 pages). I haven’t even counted how many species are represented.
Please let your readers know that the book should be ready for shipping from Aug 20th, though they can pre-order it anytime until then.
Again, my humble thanks.

Salsa Invertebraxa

We’ve got to come clean Mozchops.  We hate to disappoint you, but there are no entomologists on the What’s That Bug? staff.

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