Subject: Large slow fella
Location: New Hope, PA
July 6, 2013 6:02 am
I saw a large beetle fly around the house the other day, sounded like a transport helicopter.. found this guy in our sink today i think it was him/her.
Could you tell me what it is? it is about 30mm long, 17-20mm wide and 6-10mm high..
Thanks a bunch
Signature: large slow fella

Grapevine Beetle

Grapevine Beetle

Hi Henrik,
You encountered a Grapevine Beetle.

Thank you so much for that info…
Have a good weekend

Location: New Hope, Pennsylvania

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  1. William T Muffley says:

    I think I have a grapevine beetle but I am not sure. I have a picture of th9e little guy or shall I say big guy. Can you help me identify this little guy?

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