Beetle identification assistance.
Location: Chicago, illinois, United States
July 13, 2011 2:12 pm
To whom it may concern,
Would you please help me with the identification of this interesting beetle.
I found it cuddling up near a light bulb and I transported it to a tree after watching him for awhile. The beetle is about a inch in length and approx half inch in width. All four legs have hook like claws. It also has two sensors that are orange and similar to a flower pedals I think it may be attracted to light as I spotted a large flying beetle circling the same light during the previous night.
Thank you for taking the time to read my letter and have a nice day.
Signature: Sincerely Thomas

Grapevine Beetle

Hi Thomas,
We have been receiving numerous reports of Grapevine Beetle,
Pelidnota punctata, sightings this summer.  This large scarab beetle feeds on the foliage and fruit of grapes and the beetle grubs develop in rotting logs.  You can see BugGuide for additional information.

Location: Illinois

5 Responses to Grapevine Beetle

  1. bob says:

    Just found one in the strawberries. I do have grapes so I an wondering if I should take some action. please reply if you know about something I should do about it.

  2. Indy5QQ says:

    Just had one visit me here in Grand Rapids, Michigan! I snapped a photo of it because I was curious as to what finally landed on my outdoor multi-color chili lights. It was making all sorts of buzzing noises trying to land as it was running into things. Beautiful beetle!!! Grand Rapids is about 30 miles inland from Lake Michigan in the southwest portion of the lower peninsula.

  3. Scrd Shtless says:

    I have a little office setup in the garage and I heard this thump in front of me, shortly after that I saw the biggest flying bettle I’ve ever seen in my life. Are you kidding me?… where in the hello he’s heading this way did these come from?… There he was just walking around in my desk drawer like he was deciding where he was going to put his stuff. The nerve of this guy. It was just about then he decided to demonstrate his flying skills. While I was manuvering to a more strategic postion to secure the house door, I lost sight of him. At this time I am reasonably secure in knowing that he was unable to enter my domain. I’m not sure if we feel the same way about this bug.


    Scrd Shtless

  4. Nancy Trew says:

    8/26/22: I found a dark object on the carpet in my family room.When I went to study it closer, I realized it was a lovely light orange beetle lying on its back.It was shiny with 2 dots on each side of its body.It was deceased. I immediately sought information about it. I learned it is a Grapevine Beetle. My husband had been clearing vines off a wooden fence.Did it hook a ride on my husband or our dog and make its entry into the house? I am keeping it so I can show my grandchildren when I next see them.

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