Grapevine Beetle
July 18, 2009
Found this 3 cm-long beetle a few days ago in a patch of clover on my lawn. From your site I determined that it’s a Grapevine Beetle. I have no grapes, but some of the neighbours probably do.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Grapevine Beetle

Grapevine Beetle

Hi Ray,
Your identification of the Grapevine Beetle, Pelidnota punctata.  This species ranges in color from a very pale yellow to a rusty red, but the spots remain a consistent identification feature.

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  1. sannebear says:

    I think I’ve just found two of these beetles at the edge of our drive. We do actually have some wild grapevines within 50feet. We live in southern Dutchess County, NY

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