Grain Weevils

Tiny Black Beetle Like Bug
Location: Southern California (Huntington Beach .5 mile from beach)
June 16, 2011 6:17 pm
It is a tiny black bug (less than cenitimeter) that looks simliary to an Emperor Beetle. They are numerous and come out from under the stove and stairs. Exterminator did not know what it was.
Signature: What does this mean?

Grain Weevils

I figured it out.  It was a weevil.  No need for your assistance.  Thank you,

The signature on our form is the place you put the name you would like to be posted with your letter.  Some people provide their entire given name, and others prefer to sign with initials.  Some of our readers provide a clever moniker in that field.  You do have an infestation, but we would strongly urge you not to hire an exterminator.  You have Grain Weevils, and you need to find the source of the infestation.  Tenting your home will not help with this problem.  Grain Weevils often infest birdseed, and pet food, so if you have bargain size items that you have not used up in a timely manner, the Grain Weevils may be reproducing there.  They will also infest a wide variety of stored grain products, including big bags of rice.  Check the pantry thoroughly.  Once you find the food source and eliminate it, things should be fine.  Food products often have an expiration date, and at least once a year, you should make an effort to remove old boxes of cookies and crackers and similar items from the kitchen shelves.

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  1. Hey i have seen some bugs in My kitchen they are all over they are very very fine And dark looking. it can hardly be seen by the naked resembles the grain weevils but they eat everything..i found in flour and cornmeal i Found them in my teabag, seasons, pills, yes my medication which are vitamins,pasta, medicine that is cough syrup, i have serious infestation. I recently had to throw everything out..i live in the caribbean…they literally eat and infest everything…please i have always Been cleaning and wiping and did not know it was bad until i started to check Everything in house in cupboard and counter table and found these very fine bugs in everything they even eat Garlic, and banana and green leaves and they survive in the fridge because i had placed a box of pasta in the Fridge and they not seen these bugs and upon checking they were there alive…please help what are these


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