Is this a springtail?
Location: Baltimore, MD
January 2, 2011 8:30 pm
I keep finding a bunch of seemingly dead bugs just inside my basement door this winter. They are black and tiny –initially I thought it was mouse poop until I got very close. Tonight, I was sweeping them up again, and realized some of them were NOT dead. They look a lot like springtails, but the live ones I saw did not jump, and do not appear to have round heads like in the picture on your site. We are trying to sell the house, so any info is much appreciated!
Signature: Kevin in Baltimore

Grain Weevils

Hi Kevin,
You have Grain Weevils, not Springtails.  You may have some stored bird seed or pet food, or possibly a bag of rice in the vicinity that has been infested.

Location: Maryland

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  1. Carol says:

    I have had the exact beetle. They came out of the wallboards in my pantry, shortly after I stuffed steel wool into all visible cracks between the floor and the wallboard. They showed up in mass within a few days, but after wiping everything with sterile wipes, no more have shown up. Try the steel wool…. it might have irritated them enough to brake the life cycle.

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