thanks for helping me to identify the other residents of my home. fotograf this arthropods has become a hobby to me (there is always somthing new) . theone named “bico4” here is called “gorgojo” and this was about an inch long.
Daniel Vazques Abarca

Hi Daniel,
The “gorgojo” is a type of Weevil. These are beetles from the family Curculionidae. They are frequently plant pests. I am also going to forward your letter to our beetle expert Dan, who may have additional information for you. We did a google search for Gorgojo and found numerous sites in Spanish. The weevil was identified as Insectos plagas: GORGOJO – Otiorrynchus sulcatus. This site states: “Los adultos, que aparecen a finales de primavera, comen en los bordes de las hojas pero no tiene importancia en cuanto a da

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