Gooseneck Barnacles wash up on beach in Denmark

Subject: Strange animal found in Denmark
Location: Hvide Sande, Denmark
November 9, 2013 4:55 pm
Just browsed through my pictures and found this one. I remembered that I was trying to find out what that is unsuccessfully. Looks like a mixture between an animal and seashells.
Thanks for your time.
Signature: Aquila

Gooseneck Barnacles
Gooseneck Barnacles

Dear Aquila,
This looks to us to be a small cluster of Gooseneck Barnacles, marine crustaceans that attach themselves to rocks and other surfaces where they lead a sedentary existance, feeding on plankton that drifts their way.  This group must have gotten detached, perhaps by severe wave action, and washed up on your shore.  Here are some photos from North Island Explorer and Oceana.

Dear Daniel Marlos,
Thanks a lot, a long time mystery solved 🙂

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