Good News Bee Carnage

Subject: Hornet
Location: graham, nc
December 10, 2016 2:42 pm
I live in Graham, NC and saw these HUGE hornets at my new house in the country. They were swarming around the cable box, but I never saw any nest. They didn’t seem too aggressive, but sadly one had to go once it got in the house. Should I be worried about this one?
Signature: may

Good News Bee: Unnecessary Carnage
Good News Bee: Unnecessary Carnage

Dear May,
Though it resembles a Hornet, this Good News Bee is actually a Yellow Jacket Hover Fly, a harmless insect that does a very good job of mimicking a stinging insect.  Now that you know it is harmless, we hope you attempt to relocate any additional Good News Bees that enter your home.  An upturned glass and a postcard are great tools for the relocation process.  Since they are considered not only harmless but beneficial, since adult Good News Bees are pollinators and larvae eat destructive insects in the garden like Aphids, we are tagging this posting with Unnecessary Carnage in our continuing efforts to educate the web browsing public to the benefits of the lower beasts.

Thank you! Ugh, I feel terrible now that this one was killed, but I will be better to them in the future. How can you tell easily that this belongs to hover flies?

Flies belong to the order Diptera, which according to BugGuide is:  “Greek ‘two-winged’ (the name dates back to Aristotle, who noted the difference from typical four-winged insects.”  Flies have only one pair of wings while most insects have two pairs of wings.

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