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”in-line branch” bug pod – don’t know how to describe
Location: Lancaster, Pennsylvania
November 20, 2011 3:09 pm
Any idea what sort of insect grows inside these ”pods” on these shrub branches? When I cut them open there is a 1/4 inch ”grub” in the center.
They make great toy spinning tops.
Thank you for your time and your help!
Signature: cfunck

Goldenrod Galls

Dear cfunck,
This is a sight our editorial staff is quite familiar with having grown up in eastern Ohio.  Interestingly, this is the first submission we have received of Goldenrod Galls despite having this online column for more than 12 years.  These Galls
are formed by the Goldenrod Gall Fly, Eurosta solidaginis.  You may read more about this insect on BugGuidewhere it is stated:  “Larvae form round galls on the stem of certain goldenrods, Solidago. They feed there, then pupate in early spring. Adults emerge April-May and mate near goldenrod.”  Galls are growths on plants that are often caused by insects including flies, wasps and moths, and sometimes by mites.  Galls are abnormal growths that generally do not harm the plant, and though they are usually produced by insects and other arthropods, they can also be cause by other sources.

Goldenrod Gall

Thank you so much for this information!
Kind regards,
Chris Funck


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