Golden Winged Elder Borer

What is it?
Hi and great website! Can you identify this beetle for me? It was in Northern Montana and the black part on the back was very iridescent. Thanks in advance.

Hi Bob,
We are very excited to get your photo. We identified it on BugGuide as the Golden Winged Elder Borer, Desmocerus aureipennis, and there was but a single image on BugGuide. Your specimen sure is a beauty, and there is no indication as to why it is called the Golden Winged Elder Borer. The food is obviously alder, but the golden winged is a mystery.

Thanks for your answer!!
Thank you, Daniel for answering my husbands query about the Golden-Winged Elder Borer. About the Golden-Winged description, the picture did not capture it but when the sun hit it just right it sparkled with different colors. We thought we remembered greens and purples but maybe there was yellows in there too! Have really enjoyed browsing your site and have another query for you if you have time. … Kind Regards,

Update: from Eric Eaton
Daniel: Cool! There is another species (or subspecies) in California that is highly endangered (Valley elder borer). Desmocerus are seldom found away from the elderberry host plant.

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