Golden Silk Spider from Sumatra

Subject: Sumatra Spider
Location: Sumatra, indonesia
March 22, 2016 6:53 am
Saw this spider in Sumatra, any chance anybody can identify it.
Signature: Steve

Golden Silk Spider
Golden Silk Spider

Dear Steve,
This Golden Silk Spider is absolutely gorgeous.  She is a member of the diverse genus
Nephila that is characterized by having very strong, golden silk that can be woven into a resilient garment.  We will attempt to identify her species at a later time.
Update:  Your spider might be Nephila pilipes.  According to iGoTerra, the species is also called a Giant Wood Spider.

Golden Silk Spider with Steve for scale.
Golden Silk Spider with Steve for scale.

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  1. This spider seems to be very large, but after a research I did on spiders, I’ve learned that the largest specie is found in South America and it belongs to the tarantula family. I’m truly amazed by its size – the largest specimen known had a led span of over 28 cm. It sounds crazy!!


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