Spider – Volusia Co
I’ve changed my mind about the sz of the spider – it’s front legs are about 2″ long! It may be closer to 4″ in sz. I kept looking – may be a golden orb spider. Would still like to know what’s happening in the 4th pic where it looks disjointed?? Thanks
Orange City

Hi Betty,
This is a Golden Silk Spider or Banana Spider, Nephila clavipes. The image in question shows the molting process. As an arthropod grows, its exoskeleton does not, and it needs to be shed to allow for growth. Immediately after molting, the insect is soft and vulnerable, and often hides until its new exoskeleton has hardened.

Edible Update
(08/16/2007) Nephila spider: edible!
Hi Daniel,
Hope this note finds you and Lisa Anne well. I recently learned that the formidable-looking Nephila are eaten somewhere in Asia, I think it’s either India or Malaysia. Somewhere I’ve got a grainy black-and-white picture of a bundle of these spiders tied together by their legs in the marketplace. I’d go get the picture but we’re in another state now and I don’t want to delay writing to you. I haven’t yet deliberately eaten a spider. Best,

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