Golden Silk Spider

Subject: Golden Silk Spider respite
Location: Charleston, SC
October 18, 2016 5:21 pm
Thought you might enjoy this image. This gal had been residing beside the house for some time when we had an unexpected cold spell. She was pretty lethargic in the web and I thought she might fall prey to a blue jay or something. So, I brought her inside for a couple of days until it warmed back up. She seemed fine when I took her back out, she remade her web and, I think made an egg sack (her abdomen had diminished greatly in size one day not too long after). Here’s to hopes for the next generation.
Signature: Norm Shea

Golden Silk Spider
Golden Silk Spider

Dear Norm,
Your kindness to this Golden Silk Spider definitely deserves the Bug Humanitarian Award.  We hope you have future generations in your garden.

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