Golden Silk Spider

Subject: What big spider is this?
Location: Wrightsville
July 31, 2016 4:08 am
I saw this spider this morning on Wrightsville Beach, NC. It’s thorax is about 1.5 to 1.75 inches and the legs extend another 1.5 inches.
A multicolored thorax (brown with white spots) and legs with dark fur on the joints.
Love to tell the kiddos here at the beach house what kinds of spider they found.
Signature: Curious Beach Bum

Golden Silk Spider
Golden Silk Spider

Dear Curious Beach Bum,
This Golden Silk Spider,
Nephila clavipes, gets its common name from the color of its incredibly strong silk.  North Carolina is the northernmost point of its range, according to BugGuide, which continues as far south as Argentina.  More information is available on BugGuide where it states:  “Like other spiders, this one will bite in self-defense, especially if you go out of your way to provoke it (in particular, by handling or picking it up). Spiders have venom which enables them to incapacitate their prey. However, the bite of most species is described as much less severe than a bee sting.”

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