Golden Silk Spider

Golden Silk Spider
Golden Silk Spider

Subject: Big Spider
Location: Meridian Mississippi USA
October 17, 2014 12:57 pm
I Found this spider on a web behind my house. What the heck is it? It looks dangerous!
Signature: KimH

Dear KimH,
This Golden Silk Spider,
Nephila clavipes, is sometimes called a Banana Spider.  As you have indicated, they are large spiders, and though they might bite a person if carelessly handled, they are not considered dangerous.  Like most spiders, they do have venom, but the venom will only have a very localized reaction similar to a bee sting.  Golden Silk Spiders are known for spinning an extremely strong silk to construct their webs, and the silk has a golden color.  The strength of the silk enables them to snare large winded prey.  Golden Silk Spiders are also known for their extreme sexual dimorphism.  Your individual is a female, and she is about fifty times the size of her diminutive mate.

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