Golden Scarab from Costa Rica: Plusiotis resplendens

Subject: Gorgeous mirror finish on this gold guy
Location: Central America, Panamá, Boquete
March 18, 2014 7:21 pm
I found this guy very much alive this morning in my dog’s empty food bowl. He was stuck on his back. I was amazed to see how metallic his underside was, so I flipped him over and he is a smooth shiny gold metallic finish on his back. You can even see the reflection of my turquoise jacket in his back. Do you know what he is or have any other info about him? I didn’t see any like it on your site. We’re in Panamá. Boquete to be exact. Mountains. Lots of trees and coffee around. It’s still dry season here.
Signature: Alyssa

Golden Scarab
Golden Scarab

Hi Alyssa,
This is a beautiful Golden Scarab Beetle,
Plusiotis resplendens, which we identified on VisualPHotos.  We verified its identity on Discover Yale Digital Content.

Golden Scarab Beetle
Golden Scarab Beetle

Thanks so much!

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