Golden Orbweaver lays three egg sacs

Subject: Golden Orb Spider
December 20, 2015 6:03 pm
Want ed to thank you for all the info on the Golden Orb Garden Spider.  My son who is 30, and I have enjoyed watching the one we have on our porch most of all this year and she has just laid her 3rd egg sack!!!  I  thought they only had one, but she produced another one that she worked on all night.  Our weather has been good  through December so she may live a little longer.  Your information was helpful, especially in removing my fear of spiders, lol.  Thanks again and take care.  Jennifer King
Signature: Jennifer King

Golden Orbweaver with Egg Sac
Golden Orbweaver with Egg Sac

Dear Jennifer,
Thanks so much for your very sweet comment.  Since you did not provide an image, we have taken a nice image from our archives showing a Golden Orbweaver with her Egg Sac to accompany your posting.

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