Golden Orbweaver Lays Eggs

Golden Orb identified
Location: Spring, TX
December 18, 2011 1:44 am
Dear Mr. Bugman,
Thanks to your site and past archives, I’ve think I’ve identified my backdoor friend. I’ve got lots of pictures of her, but this is my latest AND COOLEST! I’m assuming she’s laying her eggs and wrapping them in sort of protection?? I’ll attach pictures first, but would like to know if you take video clips as well? I have her in action!
Signature: Thanks, Melanie

Golden Orbweaver Laying Eggs

Hi Melanie,
Thank you for sending us your images of a Golden Orbweaver laying her eggs.  She protects the clutch in a thick silken sac that helps the eggs to withstand the elements in harsher climates.  Your post will go live during a brief holiday from the office.

Golden Orbweaver laying Eggs

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