Golden Orbweaver

Golden Orb Weaver
Location: Wilmington, NC
November 22, 2011 2:20 pm
I just wanted to share a pic of a beautiful spider with you. From the other pics on your site, I think she is a Golden Orb Weaver. She lived in our bushes for a while and then moved into the eave of the house next door. I’m generally scared to death of spiders, but I learned a lot from watching her.
Signature: Bridget

Golden Orbweaver

Dear Bridget,
This gorgeous Golden Orbweaveris also called a Writing Spider because of the zigzag stabilimentum that she spins into her web, presumably to help camouflage her from predators.  She is enjoying a nice meal, but we cannot determine the identity of her prey.  We also want to let our readers know that before we cropped your photo, it was dated August 11, 2011.

Golden Orbweaver

2 thoughts on “Golden Orbweaver”

  1. I watched one of these spider earlier this year catch a small frog in its web and then proceed to gnaw or whatever spiders do to that kind of prey. I had to head to work and missed out on the outcome.

    • Bernie,
      You are such a teaser. We want more information. Where was the sighting? What was the habitat like? Was it near a stream or pond? Was it a tree frog or something larger. Please respond.


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