Golden Orb Weaver

In the interest of sharing – picture from Ingomar, Mississippi
This may end up in the trash, and that’s OK. I don’t need an explanation of what he is – they are all over the place in Virginia where I live. This is my reminder to never leave home without a camera. The attached picture has not been altered; this guy was hanging out on the front porch of my cousin’s home in Ingomar, Mississippi. In 2005 I spent a week with her while she was undergoing cancer treatment. The backdrop is a plaque on the wall beside the front door just below a porch light, and was a gift from another cousin so the picture has even more sentimental value. It just happens to be the same color and similar pattern as the garden spider’s head. Three years later we both still use this picture as our Windows desktop wallpaper. Date: October 11, 2005 Place: Ingomar, Mississippi

Hi Lynne,
This photo of Argiope aurantia, the Golden Orb Weaver, or Yellow Garden Spider, or Black and Yellow Argiope, or Writing Spider, or Yellow Garden Orbweaver, is just the type of quirky photo that appeals to our aesthetic. If we ever do another calendar, it would be exactly the type of image we would select. Though we get many technically gorgeous photos for our site, we really prefer those that cross the line from mere identification documents to artistic representations. We can only wonder how many traveling sales persons, proselytizers and neighbors turned away in horror at the front door.

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