Subject: scarabae? Costa Rica
Location: costa rica Monteverde
August 7, 2014 2:53 pm
I found this “golden beetle” in the garden of Fonda Vela, Monteverde, Costa Rica
march 2014
Signature: fred from belgium

Gold Scarab:  Chrysina aurigans

Gold Scarab: Chrysina aurigans

Dear Fred from Belgium,
This is one gorgeous Scarab Beetle, and we had a sneaky suspicion it is classified as a Shining Leaf Chafer in the subfamily Rutelinae, and we were correct.  Our first visual hit came on FlickR with this image, but not much information.  Our next hit is Los escarabajos dorados (Chrysina) de Costa Rica with images of many gorgeous individuals in the genus
Chrysina, including Chrysina aurigans, a Gold Scarab.  Here is a Babylon translation of the opening paragraph:  “Beetles golden of Costa Rica are famous in the whole world. His fame is derived from its extraordinary beauty, for its gold color metal. However, these insects are part of a group (the gender Chrysina) that also presents species from other colors: coppery green, silver, blue or red bright metallic.”  We also located a wonderful article on Smithsonian that states:  “Costa Rica, rather lacking in actual gold and silver, is home to two beetle species that may have made a conquistador or two a little nuts: Chrysina aurigans, the gold variety, and C. limbata, in silver. Then again, maybe not, as the reflective surfaces likely provide good camouflage in the rainforest, where the light reflecting off them would look a lot like the light reflecting off wet leaves.” 

Thanks a lot for these beautyfull and usefull explanation, Daniel!
I didn’t know it was so good what I found there!! A piece of gold! Whouawwh!
Thank you !!

Location: Monteverde, Costa Rica

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