Goatweed Leafwing

Missouri Butterly
Thu, Dec 18, 2008 at 1:05 PM
Poor quality photo from phone camera. Out of Houston, MO. What kind is it or is it not a butterfly but a moth? Thank you
Bobby from MO
Houston, MO

Goatweed Leafwing
Goatweed Leafwing

Hi Bobby,
Even though your photo is quite blurry, we are nonetheless excited to post it because it represents a new species for our website.  This is a Goatweed Leafwing Butterfly, Anaea andria.   Leafwings are mainly a tropical group of butterflies in the subfamily Charaxinae.  According to Jeffrey Glassberg in the book Butterflies Through Binoculars The West, the Goatweed Leafwing: “often flies as if swooping up and down on ocean waves. Overwintering individuals have more pointed FWs [forewings] than summer individuals.” We tried to make this post yesterday morning, but we lost our Time Warner internet connection mysteriously.

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