Gnats in House in Winter: Quick Solutions to Rid of Them

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As winter sets in, you may notice an unwanted guest. A swarm of gnats in your house during the colder months can be a nuisance. Understanding these tiny insects and their habits will help you effectively deal with them and maintain a gnat-free environment.

Gnats thrive in damp, moist conditions, such as over-watered plants or areas with high humidity. In the winter, these indoor pests seek warmth and shelter, leading to an infestation in your house. There are various types of gnats, such as eye gnats and fungus gnats, which may be responsible for this issue.

To tackle the problem, some common measures to control gnats include:

  • Reducing excess moisture in your home
  • Regularly removing any damp, decaying plant material
  • Avoiding over-watering houseplants
  • Utilizing traps, pesticides, or natural remedies

Stay vigilant, and keep your home gnat-free by adopting these preventive measures this winter season.

Understanding Gnats in Your House

Types of Gnats

  • Eye Gnats: Non-biting flies in the genus Liohippelates, also called grass flies, eye flies, or frit flies1.
  • Fungus Gnats: Slender, somewhat mosquito-like flies about 1/10 to 1/8 inch long, with dark-colored antennae and long legs2.
  • Buffalo Gnats: Also known as black flies, small, 1/16- to 1/8-inch-long, humpbacked black flies3.

Life Cycle and Metamorphosis

Eye Gnats:

  • Eggs laid in loose, sandy soil1
  • Larvae develop in soil1

Fungus Gnats:

  • Gray or orange-to-yellowish in color2
  • Eggs are yellowish-white and tiny4

Buffalo Gnats:

  • Females feed on blood, males on nectar, and plant sap3

Weather and Warmer Months

Gnats are more prevalent in warmer months. In winter, managing gnats in your house can be achieved by adjusting temperature and humidity, removing breeding grounds, and using traps or repellents.

Method Pros Cons
Temperature Non-chemical May affect comfort
Humidity Non-chemical May affect comfort
Breeding Grounds Long-lasting effect Increased cleaning efforts
Traps Effective Unsightly
Repellents Protection Possible side effects


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  • Scott Willman
    March 12, 2019 4:08 am

    My house has been invaded by 2 species of flying insects about 2 years ago and about the same time as far as I can tell. Fungus Gnats(Mycetophilidea & Sciaridae) and Phorid Flys(Phoridea), Also about that time I had the tiny black Fleas brought into the house by a relative with a dog which is not something I would have let happen if I would have been the one to answer the door. These Fungus Gnats get into my hair and bite or sting with authority, the flea bite is also quite painful. I have been using “TEA TREE OIL” & an environmentally friendly spray which helps, but when I think I am about to win the war it turns out only to be a skirmish. My main observation is this, I have found all over the bedclothes and my own tidywhities what look to be under magnification (a 50 power jeweler’s loop) very tiny thread which is wrapped so that it resembles a tiny skein of knitters yarn only made up of a number of different colors in one skein (usually BLUE, RED, GREEN & BROWN). To the NAKED eye they look like a speck which would fit though the eye of a needle. One thought I have is that this is the waste from the tormentors. Thanks for having a site like this so the folk, such as myself can find help and hopefully regain a normal life. One other observation is that my wife is not bothered by these DEMONS at all and thinks I am CRAZY. …RADARONE…03/12/2019…


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