Subject: Glow worm?
Location: Rimrock, AZ
April 25, 2017 8:27 pm
Found this on the floor of my apartment tonight. What is it?
Signature: Laura

Bioluminescent Larva

Dear Laura,
This does not look like a typical Glowworm to us.  Glowworms or Railroad Worms are the larvae of beetles in the family Phengodidae.  This doesn’t look like a Firefly Larva from the family Lampyridae either.  It does look like a Wireworm, the larva of a Click Beetle.  There are bioluminescent Glowing Click Beetles in the genus Deilelater, but we have not been able to locate an image of the larva.  BugGuide only lists North American sightings in Texas and Florida, however, BugGuide does indicate “
D. physoderus GA-FL-AZ, Mexico.”  Though that is circumstantial, our best guess right now is that this might be the larva of a Glowing Click Beetle.

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Location: Rimrock, Arizona

3 Responses to Could Glowing Larva be Wireworm???

  1. Nicholas says:

    We found one of these in our house tonight!

  2. Nicholas says:

    Oh, sorry, meant to mention we are in southern California, in Meiners Oaks 🙂 My wife and have never seen any bioluminescent bugs out here before

  3. Charlene white says:

    Found a bug I have never seen before kind of pink little more then 1/4 inch. It was in my box of worms it was glowing like a lightning bug never saw one before in my life. In Maine might no have seen then if it had not been dark in the barn when I was getting worms to go fishing in the morning

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