Glover's Silkmoth

wierd moth
My son works at a golf course in Sun Valley, Idaho, where he photographed this beautiful moth. What is it?
Signed, Fascinated by the lovely bug.

Hi Fascinated,
This is a Columbia Silkmoth or Glover’s Silkmoth, two subspecies of Hyalophora columbia. We are not skilled enough to tell which subspecies this really is.

Update: (03/21/2008)
The Hyalophora from Sun Valley, Idaho, is Glover’s, Hyalophora columbia gloveri … H. columbia columbia flies further north and east of both the moths depicted. There are state by state checklists on the WLSS. For $40.00 it is an amazing reference.
Bill Oehlke

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  1. I saw a Columbia Silk moth today at the Sawtooth National Recreation Area, during a time when we had 2nd grade elementary students up for a field trip. We were also doing a game regarding the migrating of Monarch Butterflies. This moth had perfect timing and was just sitting on the sidewalk for one of the activities. A chickadee even tried to eat it, then he/she flew away. I knew about sphinx moths, but had never seen this moth before. Beautiful and so large!


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