Glorious Beetle

the glorious beetle
My husband came across your website a few days ago and ever since we’ve been addicted! I never knew there were so many bugs out there….and even more so, so many interesting looking ones! Turns out they’re not all ugly! ha. Anyway, we’ve just moved to Arizona and already are finding the most interesting things! I wanted to send a picture in of our newest find, the glorious beetle (thanks to your website we found what it was). Please enjoy….and thanks so much for the wonderful site!!

Hi Jessica,
You really did spend some time with our site to locate the Glorious Beetle, Plusiotis gloriosa, which is deeply buried in our archive. Not only that, we lifted that photo from the web and will probably now change it, replacing the pilfered photo with your photo. Here is what the Angelfire site has to say: "Numerous authors have called this the most beautiful beetle in the U.S.; metallic gold stripes and hologram green colors support this statement. P. gloriosa is also the most common Plusiotus sp. in the U.S. P. gloriosa eat only juniper leaves in the wild but in captivity accept pear slices and seem to accept not other fruits. Larvae grow well on a diet of well-rotted hardwood. Most races can take less than a year to raise to adults." This beetle is very valued by collectors.

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