Glasswing Butterfly from Argentina

Can’t find identification for these two insects.
December 8, 2009
I recently visited Iguazu, Argentina (month of November) and got great shots of some insects. Two in particular are intrigueing to me, and yet they are not listed in the Argentine field guide that I bought. Can you help?
Iguazu Argentina

Glasswing Butterfly
Glasswing Butterfly

Dear sincerely,
The image of the butterfly is a Glasswing in the subfamily Ithomiinae.  We found a close match in the species Oleria paula, the Thick-rimmed Clearwing Butterfly, but according to the page that pictures it from Clemson Museum, it flies from Mexico to Panama.  The website indicates:  “The Glasswing butterflies have evolved large clear patches on their wings which help camouflage them while they are flying from one flower to another or while they are perched on a plant. Predators that are looking for lunch may not recognize the Glasswing as a butterfly because their transparent wings break up their outline. Glasswing butterflies feed on nectar from aster flowers. This particular flower is important to their reproduction because male Glasswings obtain a chemical from these flowers that they use in producing their pheromones, chemical scents they use to attract mates.
”  Your butterfly is probably in the same genus, but our initial search did not provide an exact species in Argentina.  The other insect is an immature Katydid.

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