Subject: Giant yellow robber fly from Western Australia
Location: Quinninup, Western Australia
February 23, 2017 3:14 am
I found this giant fly on a window, feet caught in spiderwebbing, 25km south of Manjimup. It is 45mm from head to tip of abdomen, is bright orange on the top of the abdomen and black and hairy underneath. It has tufts of black and white hairs down the sides of the abdomen and very strong black legs covered in barbs.
Signature: PK

Giant Yellow Robber Fly

Dear PK,
The Giant Yellow Robber Fly,
Blepharotes coriarius, is one of the most impressive looking flies we have ever received for posting.  We were quite amazed the first time we posted an image of a Giant Yellow Robber Fly nine years ago.  It is one impressive predator.

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Location: Quinninup, Western Australia

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  1. Craig Johnston says:

    Hi, I have a couple of photo’s of these insects alive in the wild,if you send a reply email I would be happy to share these pics.

    Kind Regards
    Bazil J

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