Subject: What is this creepy guy?
Location: Sundre, Alberta
August 11, 2015 9:24 pm
Just wondering what this guy is and if it’s harmful. We’ve had a few around this year, and this one was quite upset when I moved it from it’s location and flew right at me afterwards.
It was in the shadow of my ATV seat where I was going to sit.
Signature: Sondzi

Giant Wood Wasp

Giant Wood Wasp

Dear Sondzi,
This Horntail or Wood Wasp,
Urocerus flavicornis, is not considered dangerous to humans as they do not sting.  The larvae feed on the wood of coniferous trees.

Location: Sundre, Alberta, Canada

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  1. From first point of insertion to complete withdrawal occupied ten minutes. The insect then moved off again, but once more the ovipositor was slipped from its sheath and driven for its full length into the wood ; in this case the operation taking a little longer, twelve minutes until complete withdrawal.

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