Giant Water Bug from Brazil

Pre Historic Roach?
Sun, Nov 23, 2008 at 6:31 PM
This bug was found by my father in the laundry. We don’t have trees and bushes, nor earth in our house, but my neighbor has. Hmm.. this is all i know =[
Hope you can tell us what’s this bug! It really impressed us. Thanks
Reinaldo Hartmann
Brazil – Porto Velho – Ro

Giant Water Bug in Brazil
Giant Water Bug in Brazil

Hi Reinaldo,
This is actually a Giant Water Bug.  In the U.S., they are commonly called Toe-Biters since they have been known to bite people who swim in lakes and ponds.  They don’t aggressively bite humans, but they can deliver a very painful bite if carelessly handled.  Giant Water Bugs can fly quite well, and they are attracted to lights, hence the other common name Electric Light Bug.  Perhaps there was a light in the laundry room that attracted this specimen.

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