Giant Water Bug from Afghanistan

Subject: Saw this bug flying in Afghanistan
Location: Afghanistan
June 4, 2013 2:06 pm
Saw this flying and found it on the ground to take a picture. Not sure what it is but I would like to know. I am in Afghanistan in Laghman Province. It has 6 legs looked like a proboscis type mouth, front legs and head swivels like a mantis similar to mantis type back looks like a roach. underside of the thorax moves like it is breathing. it was aggressive toward the same species and it looked like there were 2 stingers that came out the end of it.
Signature: Joshua

Giant Water Bug
Giant Water Bug

Hi Joshua,
This is an aquatic predator known as a Giant Water Bug.  It uses is raptorial front legs like a mantis to grasp prey.  They have a painful bite and stateside they are commonly called Toe-Biters.

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