Giant Water Bug found in produce in UK

Subject: Beetle ??
Location: London UK
January 24, 2017 4:28 am
Found this gem ( not ) in my fruit from the supermarket. Never seen anything like it. Because it was in with imported fruit I’m guessing it’s not from here ( United Kingdom ). I thought it was a Cockroach, but no antennae . It’s almost 2 inches long.
Signature: Kd

Giant Water Bug

Dear Kd,
This is not a Beetle nor is it a Cockroach.  It is a True Bug and we feel quite certain it is a predatory Giant Water Bug in the family Belostomatidae.  You may be correct that it was imported with fruit as the family is not listed on the British Bugs site.

Thank you Daniel,
Was a bit of a shock finding it.  After receiving your email, I googled it and now know that the one I found is only half size  (( shudders )).
Thanks again

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  1. I live in Bedfordshire and I found a toe biting giant water bug besides my house! Had to google it as never seen one before. Do I need to get rid of it?


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