Giant Water Bug from Australia

Subject: Is it a water scorpion?
Location: Sunshine Coast Queensland
February 19, 2016 5:24 am
So my Kindergarten group and I have decided to embark on an investigation of various bugs and insects I our area. One of the little cherubs have brought this one inand want to make it our class pet. Can you please identify it for me and give us some information that I can follow up on with them. Most importantly, where’s the best place for me to now release it?
Signature: Bugman

Giant Water Bug
Giant Water Bug

Though it is not a Water Scorpion, your Giant Water Bug, like a Water Scorpion, is an aquatic, predatory True Bug.  According to the Australian Museum:  “These bugs are formidable underwater predators. When hunting, Giant Water Bugs breathe using a syphon at their rear end which acts like a snorkel.”  Since they are aquatic, the best place to release it is a clean body of fresh water like a lake or pond.  You can also request that your “little cherub” return it back to from whence it came when it comes time to release your pet.  While it is a pet, you should keep it in a covered aquarium as it can fly.  Since it is a predator, it will need live food.  Though they would not normally comprise its aquatic prey, it will most likely feed on crickets from the pet store.

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  1. I remember saving one of these guys from our parking lot at work. I had no idea that they could fly and he was far from any water. I took him home overnight to research who he was and where best to release him.
    They are formidable insects and I was very glad to see him on his way when I released him at a stream close to work the following morning. He was looking at me and rubbing his belly the entire drive. He was very impressive and more than a bit intimidating.


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