Giant Water Bug from Australia

Subject: What is this demon
Location: Newcastle, NSW Australia.
March 18, 2016 1:31 am
This huge bug was found and after taking a beating from a broom was still alive. It was greyish in colour on the back and a lot bigger but unfortunately after a degreaser bath seemed to shrink a little and change colour.
Signature: I need an exorcist!


Giant Water Bugs like the one you “degreased” are commonly called Toe-Biters in North America.  According to the Australian Museum, other common names include Electric Light Bug and Giant Fishkiller.  A Queensland Museum pdf fact-sheet-water-bugs-water-scorpions indicates it is the largest true bug in Australia and that Toe-Biter is also an acceptable name down under.   Wannabee Entomologist has a fun posting.

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  1. just found one of these in port Hedland WA Australia. we are in the wet season and there are numerous flooded areas at work where I found it. I named him todd.


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