Giant Water Bug, AKA Toe-Biter

Giant Bugs in Indiana?
Location: Found dead in NW Indiana
March 20, 2011 9:53 pm
I work at a hotel in NW Indiana and happened across this guy in the parking lot. I’m thinking that maybe it hitchhiked on someones car (at least thats what I’m hoping) because I’ve NEVER seen a bug this big in Indiana before… Please help me identify this bug!!! My thinking is that it’s a beetle of some sort.. a few people suggested a cicada but its MUCH bigger then those guys :p
Signature: A little freaked out — Molly


Hi Molly,
The Giant Water Bug or Toe-Biter is a local insect for you.  You have probably not seen them before as they are an aquatic species that inhabits still bodies of water like ponds, lakes and swamps.  As adults, Giant Water Bugs fly quite well, and they are often attracted to brightly lit locations like parking lots, hence another common name, Electric Light Bug.  The Giant Water Bug is the largest True Bug in North America, though it is dwarfed by closely related species in Southeast Asia which grows to about five inches in length.

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