Giant Water Bug

Giant Water Bug
Mon, Oct 27, 2008 at 12:34 AM
Hi, love this site. I have one here I found in a small local pond, among other water insects. It appears to be a giant water bug. I have looked throughout the site and seen several varieties. It still has no wings, and surfaces to attach a bubble to its sternum before diving back down to the bottom of the aquarium. I am feeding it moths and flies, observed it and other beetles feeding on floating bee remains. Will it eventually crawl out and scare the fiber out of my girlfriend?
thank you
Soledad, CA

immature Giant Water Bug
immature Giant Water Bug

Hi Lanz,
There are three genera of Giant Water Bugs and all three grow wings as adults and can fly.  When it matures, your specimen may decide your aquarium doesn’t suit its needs and it may try to fly away.  Your specimen is either Abedus or Belostoma.  We will try to get some assistance on which genus your specimen belongs to.

immature Giant Water Bug
immature Giant Water Bug
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  1. Yup this one is edible also.
    Not only Lethocerus but also the genera listed above have histories of consumption. In fact I’ve read that “most aquatic insects are edible,” a statement I find intriguing and only slightly dangerous. These particular guys are eaten in Amazonia.


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