Giant Water Bug

Large, dark brown, beetle-like bug with no antenae
We found this bug on the side of the brick house after dark on a warm September evening. My dog was trying to eat it, so we caught it and began trying to identify it without avail. Please help us identify this bug. Our children always like to find new things and learn about what they are. We have found many strange things where we live and love to find out what they are.
Curious family in Northern Utah
Brigham City, Utah (Box Elder County; Northern Utah)


Dear Curious Family,
Your visitor is a Giant Water Bug, also known as a Toe-Biter or Electric Light Bug.  There is a related species in Thailand that is even larger that is considered edible and frequently eaten. While our own local population would also be edible, until food prices become exorbitantly high, or until food shortages are such that our gluttonous population doesn’t have enough to eat, we doubt many homemakers will be adding Toe-Biters to the dinner menu despite them being high in protein and low in fat.

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